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What is Bloggers Create?

I believe that everyone is creative and that there are many different ways to be creative. But Bloggers have a leg up because as bloggers we are already creating—often every day.

However, while you might be creating something every day on your blog, is that all you want to create? If you’re eager to start building more than just a blog, then Bloggers Create! is the perfect place for you. Here you can talk about what you want to create, get help doing it, and even show off your creations.

Bloggers Create! Focuses On:

  • Creating, publishing, and selling ebooks from your blog posts or elsewhere
  • Photography, art, crafts, and other types of creativity
  • Blogging

But the most important thing to Bloggers Create! is YOU!

I want to create a space that meets your needs and helps you solve the problems you’re having with your creativity. But I can only do that with your help.

Who Am I?

Jennifer Kyrnin

Jennifer Kyrnin

I am Jennifer Kyrnin. I have been teaching bloggers and other web designers to build websites and manage their blogs since 1997 and have been a professional web designer and developer since 1995. I have written three books on the internet and web design, and plan to write many more to help people do things like:

  • write and publish ebooks
  • optimize their websites and blogs for search and customers
  • make more money with their creative endeavors

If you have a question, concern, or comment, you can always drop me a line. I’m here to help.

About Jennifer Kyrnin

Jennifer Kyrnin has been teaching people how to publish online content since 1997. She writes the About.com site about HTML and web design. She has published several books on web design and writing online and has assisted authors in creating ebooks and publishing their work and making money doing it! She loves to read, write, ride her horse, create artist books, and play with her son.

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